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Your new home is a product of excellent architecture combined with skilled workmanship and quality materials.  We are justifiably proud of your new home and feel our emphasis on quality will provide you a home of increasing value and enjoyment through the years.

In addition to our Home Builder’s Limited Warranty, Oakwood Homes provides each homeowner with Oakwood’s Customer Care during the one-year period from date of closing, or the date of occupancy – whichever comes first. Oakwood’s Customer Care provides the customer service on behalf of Oakwood Homes.

What to Expect

Our warranty commitment to you is a simple one based on common sense.  It begins with our understanding of your point of view as a new homeowner.  You expect:

  • A clean home that is complete
  • A home that functions properly and efficiently
  • A builder that arranges for construction shortcomings to be repaired in a timely manner

Oakwood’s Customer Care is an essential part of our ability to meet these expectations.

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Home Care & Warranty Videos from our DVD:

Please submit all warranty requests by filling out the form below, email or fax us at: 720-554-6566 or 719-380-5089 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

To speak with an Oakwood customer care representative, please call: 303-486-8690 or 719-380-5061

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